SUCCULENT + CACTUS BOWL | starting at $95

BKC4U's living arrangement design. A modern take on "xeriscaping" but for indoors in the form of a drought tolerant plant friend.
These succulent + cactus arrangements are created with a mixed selection of plant varieties that are rooted in the soil and finished with a decorative crushed rock layer.

Each arrangement is custom made and the arrangement will not be identical to the one pictured.*  Pictured is the LARGE ARIZONA BOWL.

We promise that the final creation will be beautiful!

White ceramic round

Small (8" diameter)
Medium (10" diameter)
Large (12.5" diameter)

BKC4U reserves the right to make cacti + succulent substitutions as plant varieties are seasonal. Every effort will be made to keep the design resemblance in the case of a substituted product. BKC4U's designs combine fresh locally sourced B.C. products and some imported items from warmer climates.

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- Indoor succulents require an area with bright light, and in a warmer room without any direct heat sources or cool drafts.

- Watering succulents is easy as you should water approximately every 2 weeks during the warmer months, and water every 3-4 weeks during the cooler months in late Fall to Winter.

carefully touch soil underneath the rock base, if the soil is dry to touch add a small amount of water. 

- AVOID watering on the plants as pooled water on the plant will encourage rotting.

- It is normal over time to see some shriveling or browning-yellowing of the plant leaves as the plant matures. Gently pinch off the damaged area and the plant will continue to grow.

-REMEMBER the number one killer of indoor plants is overwatering with love. These little friends are drought tolerant and will bounce back even if you think you forgot to water them on schedule.

TIP: Investing in a moisture meter tool is the perfect way to check if you need to water any of your indoor plants . These tools can be found at your local nursery or on Amazon.

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