SCENTED evergreeNS VASE | $85

The perfect addition to your holiday table or to gift to a friend. Lush Roses and aromatic evergreen varieties are artistically designed in a round ceramic vase and accented with fresh Holly, Skimmia berries, cones, decorative ornaments, and cinnamon sticks. 
Reuse the vase after the holidays.

Cinnamon Stix {white + green palette in a gold vase}
Berry Bliss {white + red palette in a silver vase}

The finished container measures approximately 10-12" wide and 10-14" high.

The longevity of Roses is approximately 3-5+ days
and varies per household as some homes are kept warmer than others during the winter months.

The longevity of the arrangement is approximately 2+ weeks indoors if watered and kept away from drafty areas and direct heat sources.

Evergreen varieties used to design holiday décor items are subject to change due to seasonal availability. Every effort will be made to keep the design resemblance in the case of a substituted product. BKC4U's holiday designs combine fresh locally sourced B.C. evergreen products and some imported items from warmer climates.

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LOCAL DELIVERY  within the Lower Mainland. The delivery rate is calculated at checkout. 

 Add 1/2 cup of water every 2-3 days to the container. Reduce amount if water is overflowing on the sides.

Careful light misting with a water spray bottle every 2-3 days 
to help with hydration and keeping the arrangement  looking fresh for longer enjoyment during the holiday season.

Longevity of Roses is approximately 3-5+  days and vary per household as some homes are kept warmer than others during the winter months. Discard expired Roses and continue to enjoy the evergreens.

Longevity of arrangement is approximately 2-3 weeks.

Keep away from drafty areas or direct heat sources.

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